Repairing an acrylic bathtub

Making repairs to your acrylic bath tub

Scratches, burns and stains and dulling.

Of all the day to day wear and tear around a home, a scratched bath tub is one of the more demoralising things. Our beautiful glossy acrylic bath tub that once looked perfect now displays a blemish, an imperfection, that makes us wonder if we have to go shopping for a replacement. But before you start checking your bank balance to see what you can afford you should know that there are alternatives.

One of the great advantages of an acrylic bath tub is that it has a solid surface. In other words, the color that you see on the outside goes all the way through the surface. It hasn't been painted or sprayed on, but has been applied from a solid color base.

As a result, minor repairs to an acrylic bathtub are relatively straightforward.

Cleaning an acrylic bath tub

Cleaning an acrylic bath tub of stains and deposits is simple. The tub surface is non-porous and, as a result, normal dirt washes off with clean water. For more stubborn stains try ordinary liquid dish washing soap or stronger ammonia based cleaners.

You should never use paint removers, thinners or acetones as these will damage the acrylic, and, most likely, make void the bath tub's warranty.

Scratches and dulling

For very fine scratches or dulling, use a liquid polisher or metal polish. These polishes are relatively gentle but slightly abrasive. Rub the area around the scratch in a circular motion, with a little polish on a soft clean cloth, and watch the scratch disappear.

If the scratch is a little deeper, or if the surface is burnt, you may need to use first a piece of fine sandpaper (1500 grit). When using sandpaper, apply a little water first to avoid scratching the area further. Then you should use a liquid polisher as previously described. You should repeat the process until the scratch has completely disappeared. Then buff the surface with a soft dry clean cloth.

Old or badly damaged bath tubs.

For older and badly damaged bathtubs, consider buying a bath tub liner as an alternative to buying a new bathtub. Quality bathtub liners are lustrous and made of a robust acrylic. There are now a number of specialist companies that will make your old ugly bath tub look like new in the space of a day. Moreover, they can often remodel the whole bathroom without retiling or entering the expense of buying new bathroom fittings.

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